SIMOPOR EP is made of foamed PVC, has a low density and is lightweight, as a result it is one of the most economical materials in the range of rigid PVC foams. Although they have a lower density than other sheets in this range, SIMOPOR EP sheets remain rigid enough to be used in all your usual applications.

SIMOPOR EP is the most economical solution for the realization of small size panels, short-term advertising signs or various interior decoration.

The very good printing and screen-printing properties, and also the easy processing make SIMOPOR EP one of the recommended products to put your ideas into practice.

Use SIMOPOR EP and you are one step ahead of the competition in terms of price and quality of your work.

SIMOPOR EP can be easily cut, drilled, bent or glued using the usual tools and equipment. For more details download the processing manual.

Density: 0.46.

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Standard Sizes

Standard thicknesses of SIMOPOR EP sheets:

2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm.

The standard size of SIMOPOR EP sheets is 2030 × 3050 mm.

Thickness tolerances:

Sheets with thicknesses from 3 to 6 mm have tolerances of + 5% / – 10%
Sheets with thicknesses from 6 to 10 mm have tolerances of +4% / – 8%

Benefits and applications


shop and exhibition stand furnishings
medium-sized billboards
partition walls and interior decoration
digital printing or screen-printing
advertising signs


lightweight but yet rigid
easy to handle
easy to process, easy to thermoform and can be glued
they have fine surfaces
by cutting, “clean” edges are obtained without additional effort
excellent as thermal and/or sound insulator
they absorb shocks and vibrations
they do not support combustion in case of fire
they do not absorb water and are excellent in wet environments



they are just as easy to process with ordinary woodworking machinery
they allow easy gluing, lamination, printing operations
they do not support combustion in case of fire


SIMOPOR EP sheets have a density of 0.46/SIMOPOR S sheets have a density of 0.55.

SIMOPOR EP sheets are rigid enough to be used in common applications/SIMOPOR S sheets are the most rigid in the range of foamed PVC sheets.

SIMOPOR EP sheets can be delivered with thicknesses from 2 to 10 mm/SIMOPOR S sheets can be delivered with thicknesses from 1 to 19 mm.


SIMOPOR EP sheets can be processed with woodworking machines.

This material allows the following operations: cutting, gluing, finishing (sealing the cut edges), drilling, bending, printing, varnishing or assembly.

Photo SIMOPOR EP foamed PVC

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