SAN sheets are extruded sheets of Styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer. They are glossy sheets on both sides, resistant to UV rays (without the addition of other additives) and can be delivered in clear or opal versions.

When you need a transparent plastic, the names of traditional materials come to your mind: acrylic sheets, extruded PC, PET-G. But why not try something a little different? SAN sheets have many unusual features compared to conventional transparent sheets that can cause you to use this material in many of your applications.

SAN sheets have a special resistance to the absorption of moisture and chemicals. This property helps us maintain SAN sheets clean; they are recommended for roofing, skylights or windows.

SAN sheets are 10% lighter than other transparent sheets but they are stiffer. This advantage helps you to use SAN sheets 33% thinner than ordinary materials. Imagine what impact this advantage has on the budget of your work.

The low weight and resistance to UV rays make SAN the recommended product for making windows for industrial doors. This leads to significant savings, firstly with the actual construction of the doors and secondly with savings in electricity due to the lower weight versus traditional materials (where the doors are electrically operated).

Maybe it’s time to think again about the types of clear plastics – they are not all the same!

Standard Sizes

Standard thicknesses of SAN sheets
2 mm; 3 mm; 4 mm; 5 mm

Standard dimensions of SAN sheets
ProSEP delivers 2050 × 3050 mm SAN sheets.

Thickness tolerance:
+/- 10% for sheets with a thickness between 1.5 mm and 2.5 mm
+/- 5% for sheets thicker than 2.5 mm

Benefits and applications


SAN sheets uniquely combine several properties:
• low weight, have a density 10% lower than the other usual transparent materials
• high degree of light transmission (86%)
• easily processed

• they withstand higher temperatures than most transparent sheets
• low water absorption coefficient
• high chemical resistance to cleaning agents
• high rigidity
• approved for food contact.


• Interior or exterior windows
• Windows for industrial doors
• Lids for food containers
• Several screen-printed articles
• Advertising signs
• Various guiding marks for commercial stands
• Displays
• Straight or curved windows for shower cabins
• Greenhouse windows
• Transparent partition walls

Photo SAN Sheets

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