Due to its properties and characteristics, plastics have become common materials for the realization of various parts and finished products in all industries. The most used plastics are polyethylene (PE-HD) and polypropylene (PP). These types of plastic have many benefits compared to other materials, such as wood, metal, stone, etc.

However, plastics have a disadvantage – they get electrostatically charged and thus can produce sparks, which can lead to the occurrence of explosions and fire if used in environments with a risk of explosion and fire. Explosive atmospheres are characterized by a mixture of air and flammable vapors, dust or gas, which mainly occur when flammable liquids, gas or dust are produced, stored in containers or transported for storage.

In order to be able to use the benefits of plastics even in these explosive environments, a special type of carbon additive, so-called conductive carbon, has been added to these materials, which significantly increases the conductivity of the material and therefore considerably reduces the electrical resistance of the plastic. Thus, the plastic becomes an electrical conductor. If this material is connected to the mains ground, electrostatic charge is prevented, hence avoiding electric sparks.

PP-EL is a material that has electrical conductivity, which recommends it for use in potentially explosive environments, where sparks can occur due to the electrostatic charge of plastics. Thus, PE-EL is recommended for applications in the electrical and electronics industry, as well as in environments with a high risk of explosion.

Benefits and applications

Special properties of PP-EL sheets:

– are electrically conductive
– highly resistant to UV rays
– have the working temperature range from +5°C to +100°C
– have good impact resistance
– can be welded, heat bent and thermoformed
– are chemically resistant
– have a very high wear resistance

Applications of PP-EL sheets:

–  electrical and electronics industry
–  construction and plating of tanks and basins which are intended for the storage of fire hazard products
–  packaging and transport pallets for dust sensitive products
–  extraction systems in laboratories
–  tanks and spare parts for equipment mounted in explosive hazard rooms

Photo PP-EL – Electrically conductive polypropylene sheets

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