PE 1000 superlining is a premium material that has excellent sliding properties and extremely high wear resistance. This material has been specially designed to withstand a wide range of mechanical loads, such as friction and wear, which occur in bulk material transport facilities.

In hoppers plated with PE 1000 superlining, the material descends without problems and without the material coagulating anywhere. Thus, the hoppers can be built at smaller angles than the hoppers made of other materials.

Sandblasting tests show that PE 1000 superlining is much more resistant to wear than steel or aluminum.

Benefits of PE 1000 superlining sheets:

no deposits of bulk material are made on the transport facilities
protects transport systems, equipment and machinery from wear
higher flow rate of bulk material
the cost of plating an existing hopper with PE 1000 superlining is 3 times lower compared to the cost of a new hopper made of steel.

Specific properties of PE 1000 superlining sheets:

very low dynamic friction coefficient
very high wear resistance
good resistance to UV rays
good resistance to the action of chemicals
corrosion resistance
very high resistance to impact
wide range of working temperatures (–200 °C ÷ +80 °C)

Applications of PE 1000 superlining sheets:

In the mining and extractive industry: excavation buckets, chutes, conveyor belts, conveyors.
In the transport industry: plating of truck trailers, plating of bulldozer blades, plating of freight wagons.
Storage: silos, furnaces, tanks, hoppers, etc.
In the transport of bulk material: coal, iron ore, copper ore, phosphates, limestone, sodium carbonate, nickel ore, bauxite, gravel, clay, loam, calcium sulfate, potassium salt, silicon sand, zinc, talc, detergents, wood, salt, sugar, cereals, forage.

Other polyethylene sheets

PE 1000 AST

High-density polyethylene sheets, with increased resistance to shocks and wear. They have antistatic properties. They are produced in pressed version, at thicknesses of 8-80 mm, size 1000×2000 mm.