We offer heat bending services for all plastics purchased from us.

The heat bending technique consists in heating the sheet along a heated resistor, followed by bending and clamping at a fixed point until the sheets have cooled.
The heating time depends on the equipment used and will increase considerably depending on the thickness of the material.
The heating temperature differs from one product to another and is specified in the Technical Manual of each product.
The bending radius must be double the thickness of the material to avoid the appearance of wrinkles or internal stresses.
If bending is done at very low temperatures, internal stresses will occur, which will weaken the bend.
If bending is done at very high temperatures, bubbles may appear in the heated area.

The heat bending process is applied to the following products in the range we sell:
Simopor Foam Ultralight
Simopor Color
Simopor Light
Simopor Ultralight

Your product can take the desired shape by using the complete services offered by ProSEP!